My prenatal massages by Heather of Mani Celesti helped to eliminate my sore back and hips. The massage helped to decrease my stress level which I felt helped my   pre-term labor contractions. Massage by Heather are comprehensive and complete. I always felt comfortable, even as my body got bigger and bigger.                                        -- Jessica R.  
Heather Josten Truly cares and her clients and about helping people -- Carol   It is not just about great massages, Heather creates an entire experience; the temperature, the music, the aroma, the  pressure all exactly ho I like it!  -- Becky M.  
Heather Josten has the unique way of making people feel comfortable, relaxed and at ease. Heather makes you feel special; listens  to you and then caters to your massage needs. -- Allyson R.  I have loved my massages. I really credit my easy and healthy pregnancy and labor to them. I look forward to many more massages in the future and have passed Heather's name on to multiple people! -- Amy R.   

"Whenever I go to Mani Celesti, Heather identifies  where I've been storing stress and methodically works out the problem areas. Their massages are extremely therapeutic, and should be a part of everyone's well-being regime!"-- Valerie A.

"I started receiving massage therapy after being involved in a serious car accident in 1992. Since then I have used MANY different therapists and am most impressed with Heather. I was referred to Mani Celesti by another health care provider and am so thankful. She is very professional and very talented. What I most appreciate is her  sincere inquiry into my specific problems on a given day. She listens and addresses my ailments. I have referred friends and family to Heather for treatment and would encourage anyone who has to deal with day to day stress to take some time for themselves and enjoy a massage at Mani Celesti." -- Jill H.