Mani Celesti provides therapeutic massage during all stages of your life. specializing in Prenatal Massage and Postpartum Massage. Be confident knowing your therapist has received additional training to support you during this very special time. 

Maya Abdominal Therapy can boost fertility and help prepare you for pregnancy, improve your digestion and help you heal postpartum. 

I completely credit my very easy and healthy pregnancy to the multiple fabulous massages I received throughout my pregnancy. I recommend Heather to all my friends (pregnant or non-pregnant) and will remain a committed client for life.
— Amy Riley

You and your new baby will benefit from Infant Massage Lessons as well - learn to soothe your baby so they sleep better, improve their digestion and create a close bond from the very beginning.

You do so much for your family, we encourage you to reduce your stress by receiving regular massages and let me take care of you. At Mani Celesti you will feel nurtured and renewed! 



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